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Grace Vanderwaal At HMV & BOOKS In Japan Tokyo 2017

Grace Vanderwall's first album has been released in anticipation of a re-arrival celebration! What's the big deal about the "AGT" winning genius girl's huge pinch?

Grace Vander Wall (13) returned in November to coincide with the release of her debut full-length album, "Just the Beginning." In front of a Japanese audience.

Grace, who is only 12 years old, won the "America's Got Talent" audition competition and wants to be known as "Genius Girl." About 300 admirers gathered to HMV & BOOKS SHIBUYA this time to catch a glimpse of her.

Grenscheck's broad jeans in a loose knit and Grace Vander Wall, who emerged in the center of the trend, were greeted in Japanese with "I'm delighted to see you" stealing a palm of a pencil. A singing cat eyed cat earrings greeted a cat happy crowd with applause and cheers.

Grace debuted the album's first single "Moonlight" first. I heard an obedient singing voice without feeling like he was laboring while playing the characteristic ukulele.

Allowing "Flow Lets" to continue, let go of the ukulele and focus solely on the singing voice. There appears to be no fixed choreography, and the performance that walks freely on the stage to the beat of the music is a figure that I did not see on my previous visit to Japan. "Saw Match More Zan Dis," from the same new album, is also a pop song that was absent from the prior effort. The performance without the ukulele was unusual, and it gave me the impression that she is still developing as an artist and performer as her debut EP "Perfectly in Perfect" shows.

Meanwhile, it is no longer a little dignity to pick up a ukulele and play the original "I don't know my name." There was also the appearance of the audience, who sang the words, and it was my expectation to see her standing on the stage of a large arena.

"Over the Rainbow (Beyond the Rainbow)" by CM was the final song I sung. Although there was an incident in which the lyrics touched the midfield, apologizing for "Sorry," smiling face to the appearance of the person himself, confirming to the mother of a bitter smile on the sleeve. Grace finished singing to the end as mothers and fans of the event recovered in a way that they might be aided.

There are also scenes said in Japanese during the show, such as "Tanoshii" and "Arigato!" There were times, though, when I felt a little lost, "Everyone in Japan speaks outrageously difficult phrases," is it? Holding a handshake greeting with fans gathered at the site in the second half of the event. "Thank you" "I am delighted to meet you" "I adore you!" she said graciously as she enjoyed interactions with fans. Through the use of a translator.

Despite the fact that she has only been a vocalist for a year, a few ardent fans have already written: "It was also the day before the final visit!" And there are a lot of fans who cry a lot." Grace Vanderwall, 13, is smiling at the younger boys and girls than myself; it is lovely. Grace has a large number of viewers who observed her playing the ukulele at the place where young and old girls congregated. It appears to have had an impact.

"Thank you, I will surely come to Japan!" " At the end, I told a large crowd of fans. A brief event has come to an end. It was time to be enthralled by a childlike appearance and ability.

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