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Grace VanderWaal's favorite ukuleles

Grace VanderWaal is an American Idol Season 11 winner who sings and plays the ukulele. Grace is from the town of Suffern in the state of New York. She shares her home with her mother, father, three-year-old sister Olivia (and best friend), and two dogs. Grace began writing music when she was three years old, making up tunes on her wireless microphone. She had never performed in front of a huge audience before her audition.

Grace Vanderwaal, the winner of America's Got Talent, provided this amazing tour of her ukulele collection to The Journal News, her local newspaper. Grace VanderWaal, the up-and-coming vocalist, has a rich musical past to tell. Have you ever wondered what happened to Grace's five ukuleles? In her own words, we've got the scoop. 

First ukulele: Brown

She had requested a ukulele for her 11th birthday but was denied because her mother believed she would outgrow it. She was, nevertheless, adamant. She used the $50 she received for her birthday to purchase it. Grace's first ukulele was a really cheap, very basic, everyday soprano ukulele. 

"I wanted a baby blue but got a classic brown instead," she says.

Second ukulele: Pink

She received it as a gift for Christmas. It's a ukulele that her mother and sister built. The strings, however, keep breaking off, making it more of a novelty. She describes it as "like a DIY ukulele kit." Grace's pink ukulele came from a "build your own ukulele" kit that she made herself. These DIY ukuleles are a lot of fun to create, and if you're creative, you can make them look pretty cool, but be warned: once you've put them all together, they might not be that fun to play.

Third ukulele: Brown

Grace planned to perform on "America's Got Talent" using this ukulele because it can be plugged in. However, she tripped over a humidifier, which she had purchased, ironically, to preserve her instruments in better condition, and shattered it.

Fourth ukulele: Brown

This was her backup ukulele, which she bought before leaving for AGT. It's the character she had in the show. "We were leaving for AGT three days later and were completely stressed out since this was the uke — it was last minute," she explains.

Fifth: Kiwi

She'd always wanted a ukulele in the shape of a fruit. "I got this after AGT since this was my original answer when people asked me what I would do with a million bucks," she explains. "I would get one of those fruit ukuleles because they're extremely cute," she says. This is a wonderfully cute ukulele - it also comes in watermelon! - that appears to be perfect for beginners! To begin with, it looks fantastic! Second, it was designed by Kala, so you know it'll be better than most other beginner ukuleles. It's not as cheap as the previous ukuleles on this list, but it does come with geared tuning pegs (which means it'll remain in tune for much longer) and Aquila nylgut strings, which have a finer tone than the strings found on many beginner ukuleles. This would be an excellent first ukulele!

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