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German people Loves Grace Vanderwaal

When her voice was initially heard for the first time on Robin Schulz's "Sun Goes Down," it was not immediately assumed that she was only 13 years old. Grace VanderWaal hasn't changed much throughout the years. At least outside of the United States. Because they recognize her as the 2016 winner of "America's Got Talent"super "'s talent" contestant - at the time as a 12-year-old. She onto the stage with her ukulele, sang self-composed songs, and impressed the jury and crowd with their unusual voice. She had her record deal in her pocket after her victory.

Grace, on the other hand, is only 14 years old and has just released her debut album. All of the songs on "Just The Beginning" were written by her, and the ukulele is always present. She has a production team on her side who has previously worked with celebrities like as Adele and Katy Perry.

The first single, "Moonlight," is already an earworm, and many consider Grace VanderWaal to be the new Taylor Swift. The debut album undoubtedly makes a statement. Because we may be interested in the teen's future development in the coming years.

We, the Grace Vanderwaal fan group, want to express our gratitude to the Germans for their unwavering support for Grace Vanderwaal.

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  1. I've been watching old videos of Grace and her mom when they were in LA for AGT & got an idea for a great video but I don't have the knowhow or program to do it. Here's my idea for whomever wants to do it. There are two videos, one where they go to Barnes and Nobel looking for Stargirl. Then there is one where they're eating waffles and someone asks, (on Face Book), if she ever found Stargirl. She said someone overnighted it to her and they were reading it. Then take the new videos of her talking about being picked to play Stargirl. Then someone asks what countries she would like to visit and one was Japan. Then show clips of her in Japan. Get the idea? I'm sure other examples could be found. Like wanting to get a treehouse built and then show her in her tree house. I'll be looking for the video.