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What you need know about Grace Vanderwaal's beautiful "Destiny Petrel" guitarist.

Destiny Petrel's Story

Destiny Petrel is a guitarist, songwriter, and producer from New York. Destiny has had a strong interest in music since she was a toddler. She began taking piano lessons at the age of six and studied clarinet throughout elementary school, having grown up in a musical family. She picked up her father's acoustic guitar when she was 12 years old, and it was the start of her musical career.

She began playing guitar at her local gospel church, where she believes she developed her chops and feel, as she grew up in a musical family with both parents being music pastors. Working with some of the most brilliant musicians, playing guitar and singing for major churches including T.D. Jakes' The Potter House, Judah Smith's City Church, and Dream Center's (Matthew Barnett).

She's also collaborated with pop musicians like Aaron Carter, Jake Miller, and Grace Vanderwaal, and has toured the world, performing at venues ranging from dive bars in NYC like The Bitter End to clubs like The Roxy, Troubadour, and Viper Room to amphitheaters and arenas. She's also appeared on MTV's TRL and NBC's The Today Show. In Austin, TX, he performed at the Austin City Limits festival and in Time Square for a Team USA event.

She has toured across America with her pop rock band Petrel, which consists of her and her two sisters, Jess Petrel and Bekah Petrel, opening for acts such as Aaron Carter and Kidz Bop. They intend to release new music this year.

She's worked in studio sessions with producers like Bryan "Composer" Nelson in addition to performing (Trey Songz, Akon). Brian Howes & RoccStar (Chris Brown, Usher, Jennifer Lopez) (Girls Like Boys, Nickleback, Daughtry).

Destiny has a large following on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and has collaborated with a number of companies, including FENDER, who included her in their Star Spangled Banner Tribute video. Demonstrating new BOSS effects pedals. D'angelico, Ernieball, Sterling by Musicman, Keeley electronics, and the Eventide family are all among the brands.

Destiny Petrel said:

"Music is a powerful tool. I want to be that positive and authentic source to music lovers... an influence to others who play guitar or desire to play. Music has impacted my life is such a positive way and I hope to continuously inspire others through my love for playing and performing".

Happy 2018 everyone. Last year I made a promise to myself that I would not let fear rob me. Don't let fear of the future rob you of the certainty of today. This year I wanna keep pushing myself to the limits, grow more, love more, & create more. I can't wait to share with you the many new projects for this year. Thank you for believing in me and my art. "For what it’s wor...

Recently she announced her new webpage, you can find this by clicking here: Destiny Petrel Website

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  1. She is gorgeous!! What a beautiful young women, ..:)