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11-year-old writer reviewed the Grace VanderWaal show sold out beautifully.

The Dallas Observer released a great piece about Grace Vanderwaal for all Grace Vanderwaal admirers. Eva Raggio, an 11-year-old writer, stays up late to review Grace VanderWaal's show for us. Please take a look at the list below.

Grace VanderWaal, a 14-year-old singer-songwriter, won America's Got Talent's 11th season two years ago. She received a recording contract and $1 million as a prize. Perfectly Imperfect and Just the Beginning are her two albums to date. She's on tour and performed at Trees in Deep Ellum on Tuesday night.

The show was obviously sold out. Graces were strewn about like ants all over the place. And, oddly enough, a lot of grown males. When the event began, the audience erupted in screams when they recognized VanderWaal.

"Moonlight" was the first song she performed (one of her most popular songs by far). The stage was bathed in purple light when she sang "Moonlight." Almost everyone, including the men, knew every phrase. VanderWaal's voice was smooth but fatigued, indicating that she was on tour. She also has a raspy tone to her voice.

Some of her pals were in attendance, and they claimed to have followed her on tour. It was also fantastic to watch Brooklyn and Bailey, two well-known YouTube stars, taking pictures with any fan who requested one. They claimed they were invited by VanderWaal's manager since they grew up in Dallas and knew her from YouTube events.

VanderWaal took a drink from her water bottle after each song and offered a few words about life's challenges. Her bare feet were adorned with glittery anklets and she was dressed in a lovely, raggedy pink frock. She appeared to be self-sufficient and childlike. Her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail and adorned with glitter. A staff worker distributed Grace VanderWaal T-shirts to the audience as she went backstage to change. She was dressed in a lovely velvety crimson robe when she returned. She also made a point of promoting her Vevo videos. She smiled and kissed her fingers like a chef as the crowd sang.

She didn't appear to be exhausted in the least. Throughout the performance, she was excitedly bouncing around the stage like a monkey. The crowd was boisterous, but respectful of VanderWaal. On stage, she sounded lovely as she sang. She was always on time for each phrase of the song, stepping or clapping on each beat.

VanderWaal did some amusing stuff during the show. A admirer offered her some '60s-style sunglasses while she was on the floor singing a song. VanderWaal slipped them on fast and began posing with them, but she swiftly returned them.

VanderWaal has a warm and charming demeanor with both adults and children. She enjoys talking about herself and her profession. She has a tight schedule and a difficult work, but she appears to be unconcerned about it. She maintains a laid-back demeanor and converses with the throng as if her life were simple. And she's still an adolescent, trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. But, well, it's not a huge deal.

VanderWaal exuded an electrifying energy that made her performance cheerful and enjoyable. She sat down on the stage in the middle of her performance and, to her surprise, played "River" by Leon Bridges, a Dallas artist. It's ironic, because she's from New York. Although no one seemed to notice, a few people screamed out, "Leon!" as she performed it. She shook a tambourine in time with the music. She also performed a version of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros' "Home."

Another surprise was that the musicians who accompanied her (a drummer, guitarist, and pianist) were all in their early twenties, just like VanderWaal. They really livened up the stage by playing in unison and following along with her.

VanderWaal appeared to be at home in Dallas. She was at ease and unconcerned with her performance. She was gracious to those in the audience, even saying, "Thank you, Dallas." One of my favorite shows is yours."

The audience reacted with a combination of awws and laughs when VanderWaal's puppy ran onstage. "Oh, my God," VanderWaal burst out laughing. "My dog is a troublemaker."

Then she performed an unreleased tune that samples Johnny Nash's song "I Can See Clearly Now." She began by asking the audience if they remembered the song from the 1970s or if they recognized it from the Claritin commercial, as she does. The adults all burst out laughing. She stated she intended to release the song as a single when she first heard it, but "didn't want to be recognized as medicine girl." She admitted that it was a difficult song to sing, but she did a fantastic job.

She performed "So Much More Than This" beautifully and fiercely as her final song. All of the commotion came to a halt during the encore, when the audience began yelling even louder than when VanderWaal began the act. VanderWaal took out her ukelele and began singing. "I Don't Know My Name," her most renowned song and the one that won her the golden buzzer on America's Got Talent, was the tune she performed for the encore. Everyone joined in with her song.

VanderWaal received the most applause at the conclusion of the song. Even though they were disappointed it was over, everyone had a good night and waited outside in the cold for her, chanting "Grace" over and over. However, because it was late, several of us had to return home.

Grace vanderwaal is adored by all Grace lovers. Please share this post with your friends and family if you enjoyed it.

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