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Grace VanderWaal is a person who is always honest and empathic.

The girl with the ukulele delivered her hit songs to a sold-out crowd on February 5. Her performance was marred by an unoriginal set and a booming sound, despite the fact that the music and delivery were both new. Grace VanderWaal, the 14-year-old winner of "America's Got Talent," walked onto the stage to shrill repeated chants of "Grace, Grace, Grace!"

The playlist of Grace VanderWaal included songs about gossiping, immature males, and true friendship. In comparison to the Jonas Brothers' most successful songs from my childhood, her tracks are mainly lacking of the hopeless romance found in top singles like "Burnin' Up" and "S.O.S." She was able to connect with young listeners in a genuine way by singing about subjects that actually affected her.

"Gossip Girl," a song about a buddy spreading stories about her behind her back, was one of VanderWaal's standout performances. "Not trying to call you out here / Just making the facts apparent, that I have found," VanderWaal says, emphasizing her relatable side as she reveals her dilemma with how to address the matter. Her excitement was palpable as she jumped about the stage to the loud music during the chorus, and she knew when to tone things down when she got to the bridge to show off her powerful Taylor Swift-esque vocals. She sounded just as she did on "America's Got Talent" when she performed. "Beautiful Thing," a fan favorite, is one of the tunes where her vocals really shine. Even though no one could match her range, the entire crowd was singing along with her.

Grace VanderWaal's captivating stage presence was a highlight of the show. She used her passionate attitude to tell the audience a narrative behind her song "Talk Good," emphatically describing how she was ambushed on a crucial phone call and struggled to articulate herself well. She told her producer about the meeting later in the studio, and they bonded over similar experiences. As a result, they wrote "Talk Good," a song that anybody who has ever had an unpleasant encounter can relate to.

The Sinclair gave a rather paradoxical backdrop to the affair, while Grace VanderWaal's attitude and songs were suitably pertinent to her young audience. The stark contrast between VanderWaal's intensity and the venue's darkness and bare-bones stage was striking. This stage would have been better suited to the Sinclair's normal alternative or rock acts. Aside from the physical environment, the acoustic settings were excessively loud and had too much bass, which caused several of the smaller children to complain about the loudness. But at the end of the show, the same kids were beaming from ear to ear, having grown accustomed to the loud music.

Grace VanderWaal's performance was charming and heartfelt, and it bodes well for more hits in the future. Because of her raw singing talent and compelling stage presence, she connected with the crowd.

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