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The success of Grace Vanderwaal with the song "Just the Beginning"

Grace Vanderwaal, the 12-year-old girl who won America's heart with her ukulele performance on "America's Got Talent" in 2016, has continued her meteoric journey to popularity. She is unbeatable. Since winning first place on "AGT," she released her second album in November.

The album is appropriately titled "Just the Beginning," as it is the latest peak in what appears to be a long career in music.

This album comprises 12 original songs, many of which are sung with the traditional accompaniment of her ukulele, and follows up on her 2016 EP, "Perfectly Imperfect," which was published immediately after her million-dollar triumph on the NBC show.

Grace discusses a wide range of issues. Some tracks, like "Sick of Being Told," reflect her adolescent rebellion, while others, like her flirty ballad "Just a Crush," have a more swoon-worthy appeal.

Grace is a vocalist whose songs are relatable in practically every way. The song "Talk Good" in particular depicts an image that almost everyone may recognize in themselves. "My mouth is moving without thinking, my brain and mouth on different systems," she says in her lyrics, describing a situation in which she uttered the wrong thing at the wrong moment; it's something I can absolutely relate to.

There's also the title's satirical yet artistic flair, with the word "speak good" being grammatically incorrect.

Not only has her poetic ability grown, but the tone of each song has also changed. The ballad "Burned," for example, begins with a sorrowful piano and gradually becomes more severe. During her ukulele performance on "Moonlight," though, listeners will be bopping their heads and getting up on their feet.

"Florets," which appears elsewhere in the collection, has a whimsical, almost nostalgic vibe to it, with listeners being presented with blowing dandelions, a familiar sight that many may connect to. There's also "So Much More Than This," a humorous and joyful song that encourages listeners to reject society and understand that they are "so much more."

Unlike her debut EP, which maintained a consistent feel across all six songs, "Just the Beginning" has a song for every mood.

Grace's popularity and the general sense of wonder she inspires in her admirers can be due to the fact that she is so young and yet creates such accessible and often terribly genuine content. Her music is comparable to that of seasoned songwriters and performers.

The singer, who turns 14 on Monday, has already booked out headlining tours in the United States in 2018.

In late November, she received a well-deserved Rising Star Award at the 2017 Billboard Women in Music Awards. And this is dedicated to everyone who made bridges for me to cross and continue on my trip during those times."

She included acknowledgements to her fans, parents, Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment and Columbia Records.

From just the short period between the release of “Perfectly Imperfect” in 2016 to her latest music today, Grace has shown much more maturity and wisdom in her lyrics and tone. We Grace Vanderwaal Fans hope we will see much more outstanding music from this young star, as well as more growth in her work and in her as a good person. If you like this article please share this with your friends and family.

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